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The Best Horse Trailer Tie

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Protect your horse and have peace of mind with the Spring Tie™

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Why the Spring Tie is great for your horse

The idea of flexible resistance built into a horse trailer tie came from observing that horses were breaking free from being tied close to a trailer or other locations when startled. The horse, being a “prey animal”, is nearly always trying to be aware of threats from all directions. When the horse tried to look around, but couldn’t, it fought the tie in panic and often broke all but the heaviest ties. But by tying a horse with a longer rigidly fixed tether, allowing it to see in all directions, can result in the animal becoming entrapped and injured by the tie. 


The Spring TieTM addresses these issues. The fold-out horizontal bar positions the horse away from the trailer enough that they have a complete view behind them. The oil tempered spring allows the horse to pull and resist the tie, but not damage or break it. The resistance is such that after a few seconds, when it sees that there is no threat, the horse relaxes the tensing muscles, and the spring bar returns to the neutral position.


The materials used in the Spring TieTM are not affected by sunlight or aging, as fiberglass may be, resulting in consistent, reliable performance in safely tethering our equine friends

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