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Instruction Manual and Care

Customer Care

Use a small amount of WD-40 between the pole and receiver at the beginning or after every trip will make your Spring Tie last longer. 

Downloadable Instruction

Mounting Instructions 

Installation and Use

These guidelines should be carefully read and followed in the installation and use of your Spring TieTM trailer tie:


  • Equestrian Safety Products recommends Professional Installation of the Spring TieTM.

  • To avoid tangling of horses, multiple Spring Ties must be mounted a minimum of 14 feet apart.

  • The Spring TieTM may be mounted at a rear corner for extension to the side or the rear of the trailer.

  • Buy additional receivers from the manufacturer so you can transfer your Spring TieTM to another location.

  • Normal height of installation is 7 feet but may vary depending on the height of the animal to be tethered. The unit should be mounted high enough to avoid contact with the animal's head during normal movement.

  • Your tether rope should hang to between 2 and 3 inches from the ground. It should hang low enough so the animal can reach food or water left for it but not low enough for the animal to step over.

  • Your tether rope should attach at the horse end with a quick release latch designed for horse halters.



The Spring Tie receiver must be mounted on the outside of the trailer using two Grade 8, ½ inch bolts (included) as shown below. You may need to supply bolts of different length than those included in this package, depending on the construction of your trailer. If necessary, trim the bolt where it protrudes inside the trailer so as not to pose a hazard to your animal.


Mount the receiver so that the spring tie drops in vertically. It is not intended to be mounted horizontally.

Caution: Bolts must be installed from outside and nutted and washered on inside of your trailer to avoid injury to your animal.


The backing plate may be used on either the inside or outside of the trailer for added rigidity depending upon the construction of your trailer. Use it as a template when drilling the mounting holes.


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