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The Spring TieTM provides a safe and effective way to tether your horse when you’re away from the ranch. Our unique design combines the rugged steel construction necessary to restrain a two thousand pound animal with the flexibility required for its protection. Unlike any other trailer-mounted tether on the market, the Spring TieTM will not be damaged when your animal reaches the end of its rope and decides to go a few inches farther; and more important, neither will your trailer or your horse. Once the receiver has been permanently installed on your horse trailer, the Spring Tie’s trailer-hitch design allows it to be attached securely in seconds. The Spring TieTM should always be removed and stowed for travel.

Caution: This product is not recommended for use with horses who refuse to be tied nor is it intended for use in the training of horses or any other animal in any way. Horses are strong & unpredictable creatures, it is therefore the responsibility of the owner to assess the temperament of their horse and the suitability of a product. Equestrian Safety Products is not responsible for damage or injury to animals or equipment due to the misbehavior of animals tethered to its product.

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