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We love our Spring Ties!! I don’t know how we survived without them all this time. Our horses love the freedom to move while being safely tied to the trailer. When we’re not traveling, we utilize them at home on a daily basis for training. Spring Ties are a high quality product and worth every penny. 

Susan R

I've had my Spring Tie for a long time and love It

I Love my Spring Tie

Peggy S

Some years ago, NW of Ft Collins, CO, camped in a meadow, Red Feather Lakes.  A moose bedded down, after dark, about 50 yards from the horse trailer which was hitched to the truck/camper.  About 9PM my horse started dancing, jerking on the tie.  Of course the truck/camper was shaking, but I knew there was nothing “safe” to do (I am a woman 5’3” and 110#)  so no chance of trying to load in the trailer.  The moose stayed in the area until daylight and seemed quite happy.  Come morning, Mr. Moose move on -- away from camp!  Point being a 1200# horse tested your Spring Tie for a good 8 hours! (And the nylon strap was the one provided by Spring Tie!)


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